Idaho Area 18


TSNAC Telephone Services


The Primary Purpose of the TSNAC Telephone Service is to assist any individual that is completing a Treatment Program or being released from a Corrections Facility to reach members of the AA Bridge the Gap program so that they may find a member of Alcoholics Anonymous to take them to their first AA meeting.

The TSNAC Telephone Service is not the AA Hotline! If you need a member of Alcoholics Anonymous to contact you to talk about recovery - CALL THE AA HOTLINE - (208) 344-6611.

The TSNAC Telephone Service also serves as a means for any Warden, Sheriff, or Alcohol Counselor to contact any member of the H and I Committee.

If you are getting ready to be released from a Treatment Center or a Correctional facility, please leave a message with your name, contact phone number, and the facility that you are at. Also, if you have an IODC # please give that as well.

For anyone else that needs to contact anyone on the TSNAC Committee, please leave a brief message, with contact information.

AREA 18, Treasure Valley TSNACTelephone #: (208)-906-2745